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The QlikView Management Console is a great tool for configuring your QlikView environment, but one thing it is not great at, ironically, is analysing your usage of licenses. In particular analysing your use allocation of document cals is a bit of a pain as you look at each user document individually. This document shows you how to get access to the license allocation data and present it in a way that is clear and concise.

Update: Add a new check on full users who have allocated document cals

Update: 2015/03/18 Author: Colin_Albert

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Hi Kitty,

I am facing the issue,can you tell me how you proceeded further?



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Hi dfoster9,

I have made the necessary changes.

when i reload i get following lines

=== Settings.Ini ===

SettingsIni << Settings 43 Lines fetched

=== Load PGO Data ===

Cals << CalData/NamedCalsAllocated/CalAllocEntry 0 Lines fetched

Cals << CalData/PerDocumentCalData/PerDocumentCalData/NamedCalsAllocated/CalAllocEntry 0 Lines fetched

PerDocumentCalData << CalData/PerDocumentCalData/PerDocumentCalData 0 Lines fetched

CalsInUse << CalData/PerDocumentCalData/PerDocumentCalData 0 Lines fetched

CalsInUse << CalData/NamedCalsInUse/NamedCalInUse 0 Lines fetched

CalData << CalData 1 Lines fetched

CalsInUse 0 Lines fetched

=== Load LEF Data ===

LEF << Lef 9 Lines fetched

LEF 1 Lines fetched

Also,we dont use document cals.


Prasad Mayekar

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Hi Prasad

Can you post the content of one of your pgo xml files?

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Does this license analyzer show who tried to obtain a session CAL, but was denied acess?

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Great Thanks! Stole the HEX64Convert variable - really useful!

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Hello David/Friends,

Your tool is really useful. Thank you ! However I am having a strange problem.

I am able to run this dashboard in the qlikview designer/client perfectly fine to give me results. No errors . But when I am trying to publish and schedule this dashboard through QMC, it throws an error as below:

It seems as if it cannot locate the settings.ini file. The path is correct and the file exists. The service account also has full control on this path and file. So not sure where I'm going wrong. If it runs fine in the designer, why would running through QMC fail ?

Any pointers would be useful. Thank you again.

01/10/2018 16:58:23: 0122  SettingsIni:

01/10/2018 16:58:23: 0123  LOAD upper(@1) as SettingName,

01/10/2018 16:58:23: 0124       @2 as SettingValue

01/10/2018 16:58:23: 0125  FROM

01/10/2018 16:58:23: 0126  C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Settings.ini

01/10/2018 16:58:23: 0127  (txt, utf8, explicit labels, delimiter is '=', no quotes)

01/10/2018 16:58:23:       Error: Cannot open file 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Settings.ini' The system cannot find the path specified.



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Hi David,

It would be very useful for amateurs  if you could please point out the things that we need to do with the great tool.

My objective here is to find out how many Document cals assigned to whom in which document.


Thanks in advance,



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Very useful.  Thank you.


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Qlik License Analyzer is a great tool; but I have a question.License Analyzer shows a number of Doc CALs which have not been used in over a year. When I look in QMC; I do not see theses licenses assigned to any document. QMC available Doc CALs and License Analyzer available Doc CALs match.  

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