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Loading Excel file from Sharepoint into Qlikview.

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Loading Excel file from Sharepoint into Qlikview.

I was able to load data from excel sheet which was in share point but was not able to do that in server.

I try to find solution in community but i did not see anyone had a good documentation on how to do this. So here are some step that i did to read Data from SharePoint into Qlikview

1 Add Qservice in Folder level in sharePoint ( Give read permission)

2 Copy the URL from SharePoint file Property  and if the URL need authentication .pass your user name and password threw URL.

for ex:





New Contributor

Hi , I am facing a similar issue. Could you please tell me what a Qservice is? did you mean that the service account (Qlik) should be added?

Contributor III

yes service account should have permission to read from sharepoint. you have to work with share point admin to get that access.

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