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Logs Mover Addon

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Logs Mover Addon


This addon is moving all the log-files generated by your QlikView project to one specific folder during the reload and zip-s old files.

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To have this addon working properly you need PowerShell to be installed on your system.

Also you should enable Can Execute External Programs in Edit Script window.

Addon files

Image Home 168.jpg

Download Addon file: https://goo.gl/9x0F

For example – you have a main project’s folder QVProject and want to place addon files to the 7z folder inside of that – see the pic.This file should be extracted to your project’s folder.


To include addon into your QlikView project – add to the Reload Script next statements:

SET vLogRetentionPeriod = 7;

SET vLogsFolder = '..\Logs';

SET v7zFolder = '..\7z';


And set up next settings in variables:

  • v7zFolder – path to the Addon files folder. Without trailing slash;
  • vLogsFolder – path to the log-files archive folder, where they will be stored and archived. Without trailing slash;
  • vLogRetentionPeriod – number of days for logs retention period. All log-files older than this retention period will be zipped.
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