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Macro - Export Multiple Charts From Container To Excel

Macro - Export Multiple Charts From Container To Excel

Hello All,

Once I struggled to export to all the charts in a container to excel file. I could not find correct code in the community. So I would like to share the below code which exports the charts into excel.

Sub Export

  set oXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

  oXL.DisplayAlerts = False

  oXL.visible=True 'False ti hide the excel

  Dim oXLDoc 'as Excel.Workbook

  Dim i

   Set oXLDoc  = oXL.Workbooks.Add

    FilePath =  ActiveDocument.Variables("vPath").GetContent.String

    FileName =  oXLDoc.Name


  Set ContainerObj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CT01") 'Container ID

    Set ContProp=ContainerObj.GetProperties

  SheetObj=Array("CH01","CH02","CH03")                    'Chart ID's


  for i=0 to UBound(SheetObj)



  oXL.ActiveSheet.Move ,oXL.Sheets( oXL.Sheets.Count )

     ContProp.SingleObjectActiveIndex = i

        ContainerObj.SetProperties ContProp

  Set oSH = oXL.ActiveSheet


     Set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(SheetObj(i))

     obj.CopyTableToClipboard True



     Set obj=Nothing


  oXL.Selection.Font.Bold = True





  Set oSH=Nothing



  Call Excel_DeleteBlankSheets(oXLDoc)


  oXL.DisplayAlerts = True


   If FilePath <>"" then

  oXLDoc.SaveAs FilePath & "\" & FileName & ".xlsx"


  Msgbox "Folder path can not be empty. Enter Valid path"

   End If

   oXLDoc.Close FALSE


  Set oXL    =Nothing

  Set oXLDoc =Nothing

End Sub


Private Sub Excel_DeleteBlankSheets(ByRef oXLDoc)

  For Each ws In oXLDoc.Worksheets

  If oXLDoc.Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(ws.Cells) = 0 Then

  On Error Resume Next

     Call ws.Delete()

  End If


End Sub


Press Ctrl-M to see Macro window, and make sure "System Access" and "Allow System Access" drop down boxes are selected at the left hand side. Change the container Id and chart Id's according to your requirement.


That's all.


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Any idea how to export a line chart as a line chart to Excel? 

When i use something similar to yours to export a line chart it seems to convert it to a straight table.

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Hi Nagaraj, Thank you for your wonderful work. I'm new to Qlikview. I'm getting error while using your script in line 12. Can you please through some light on Line 12 of your script? What is vPath here?? Is it the path where we want to save our exported excel file?

Hello Manoj,

Yes. You are right. Here, vPath is a variable which I used to store the file path.



You can see the path in variable overview window. Later, we can use this path to store the exported excel. You need to change the path to your desktop or somewhere else. Hope this helps. If you have any issues, let me know.

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Hey Tamil Nagaraj, Thank you for your reply. I got that but still I am getting error in line 13,

FileName =  oXLDoc.Name 

I'm getting this error message while testing the macro, "Object required: 'oXLDoc'". can you please help me with this? Thanks in advance.


I just found some typo error in the below line.


Correct line should be


I have updated the same in above document. But I have not changed anything in the sample qvw file. It's working fine and there is no typo error. Thanks for pointing out.

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Thanks a ton for your kind help.

Currently, the excel will be saved as "Book1.xlsx". If you want to include date along with the time stamp, you can replace the below code (Line Number 13).

FileName =  oXLDoc.Name 

FileName =  ActiveDocument.Evaluate("date(Now(), 'DDMMYYYY hhmmss')")

Excel will be saved as "05072016 182808.xlsx"

Or you can use

FileName =  "Export_" & ActiveDocument.Evaluate("date(Now(), 'DDMMYYYY hhmmss')") 

Excel will be saved as "Export_05072016 182808.xlsx"

If you still face any problem, let me know.

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