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Math & Statistics in Qlik View - app included


Math & Statistics in Qlik View - app included

@Maria Sandorova (JaMajka1) posted the following article on Monday 13 Jan 2020, which is a really good piece of work in the Qlik Sense Documents and Video section.  

Original Article...

I like mathematics and see the potential it is not only in robotics or “almost sci-fi” technologies but everywhere where data is generated and should be understood.

I like Qlik, its possibilities and simplicity for end-users at the same time.

However, when it comes to mathematics and Qlik together, a lot of people think about SSEs – python or R – and default Qlik math functions are underestimated. I think there might be two reasons – Qlik users do not know about them or do not understand when these functions can help them. So, I decided to develop a Qlik app that will get you an overview of default mathematical functions in Qlik with a little bit of theory and above all, examples and exercises. All of them are interactive – thanks to Qlik .

In the QS Math & Statistics app v1.0 you can find:

  • Quiz to test your skills with Qlikculator I am very proud of 
     (what to do for 5 hours in a train without wifi)
  • An interactive overview of basic math functions with examples
  • Descriptive statistics – theory, example, and my thoughts:
    • Measures of central tendency
    • Measures of variability
    • Percentiles, quartiles, fractiles
    • Measures of distribution
    • Overview of different datasets
  • Intro to correlation

If you will find the app useful, in next versions I will add:

  • Outliers & extreme values – why and how to identify them
  • Financial functions with interactive examples
  • Linear regression with examples not only for prediction
  • Combinatorics examples
  • Statistical distribution functions


Having asked Maria if she had a Qlikview version, she told me she didn't and wasn't intending on producing one.  So folks, I spent a couple of hours (again on a train) building one for your use.

All kudos goes to Maria as she did all the hard work and I just about managed to do copy and paste.


Thanks a lot for your positive feedback and proactivity, @cjhansford ! It is amazing it can be shared with even more people thanks to you!

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