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Navigation Bar Extension Object


Navigation Bar Extension Object

I have seen many QlikView applications where a great deal of functionality is built into the application. This results in many sheets, making navigation through the app sometimes confusing. One possible alternative to having many sheets is to create a navigation menu, much like a traditional software application. Then you can conditionally display each sheet based on selections from the menu. For this purpose, I have created a navigation bar extension object that allows a 2 tiered menu system to be created from data in you QV app. The look and feel of the navigation bar can be changed via a standard stylesheet file in the extension object directory. A screen shot of the extension object in the sample application provided is below. I have not hidden the tabrow in the app (or the screenshot) but this is easily done in the document properties.

Before considering this approach however, firstly consider these points:

- Navigation using the native QV tabrow results in faster rendering of the UI. So use the standard tabrow where possible.

- It is a good idea to avoid QV apps that are excessively complex from the outset. Consider building separate apps, targeted at specific groups of users, rather than cramming all the needed functionality into one app. This will result in less complexity and generally faster response times.


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