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New to QlikView Videos

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Good work, please upload more!

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Just what the doctor ordered!  Thank you!

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Thanks, It was great help

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Hi All,

I am new to qlikview too, I have 27 Qlikview videos uploaded to youtube, here is the Link http://www.youtube.com/user/RustyFishBones?feature=mhee

They are all pretty basic videos as I have learned how to do it myself, no books or proper training, just trial and error, I hope the videos can help other beginners like me



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Very nice, to get started. Quite simplified, but as a beginning it is OK.

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Nice work Jason.  Any plans to create a basic training video using the Ajax web client?  The majority of our clients use the web interface only, and while the concepts are the same, the look and feel is different between the two UI's...

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Really Informative sessions for Beginers in Qlick View

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good vedio for beginners...plz upload more

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would be great if we can see more videos.

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Go to YouTube rustyfishbones channel

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