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New variant of Scatter: Overlapping Box Areas

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New variant of Scatter: Overlapping Box Areas

Here is a new chart type, based on the scatter graph. In the attached QVW, and the image below, I have used it to compare areas of different countries.

Area squares.png

In my mind, it is far easier to get a feeling for the areas in this graph compared to a normal bar graph.

In the graph, the X- and Y-axis represents the sides of the squares that makes up the area of the countries.


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Very Good... Another attempt to make QlikView Unique...

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"Attemt to make"? Qlikview is already Unique! Thanks Manish!

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Hey Christian,  The QVW you provided has the object properties turned off.  You may want to check this box and re upload the document, otherwise a lot of users will not be able figure out how to make the chart themselves.

Awesome chart by the way.

Image 5.png

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Thanks Michael. It is something new at least.

You are right about the properties. Everyone might not know how to get around them. I unchecked the boxes to prevent damage. New version uploaded.


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