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Oracle Julian Date Conversion

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Oracle Julian Date Conversion

Hi All,

For New and Old users the julian date is a 6 digit date that all oracle databases have. So to convert this julian I attached the transformation:

To Date:

date(yearstart(makedate((((WASTRT - fmod(WASTRT,1000)) / 1000) + 1900))) + (fmod(WASTRT,1000) - 1)) as Date,

To Year: 
year(date(yearstart(makedate((((WASTRT - fmod(WASTRT,1000)) / 1000) + 1900))) + (fmod(WASTRT,1000) - 1))) as Year

To Month:
Month(date(yearstart(makedate((((WASTRT - fmod(WASTRT,1000)) / 1000) + 1900))) + (fmod(WASTRT,1000) - 1))) as Month

To Day:
Day(date(yearstart(makedate((((WASTRT - fmod(WASTRT,1000)) / 1000) + 1900))) + (fmod(WASTRT,1000) - 1))) as Day

Hope This Helps

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Nice one. I would just add the SQL commands if someone want to do the Transformation in Backend:

if your date is a String:

select TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(to_number('115032')+1900000),'YYYYDDD') jdedate from dual;

if your date is a number:

select TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(115032+1900000),'YYYYDDD') jdedate from dual;

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