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Pin And Needle Diagram for QlikView (with native ComboChart)


Pin And Needle Diagram for QlikView (with native ComboChart)

A customer asked me whether a "Pin and Needle Chart" would be possible with QlikView (for example: Hichert information design recommends this chart type to represent percentage deviations).

Well, that chart isn't available at first sight. It requires tree layers of a Combo Chart together

  1. A dot layer to show the needle heads with a background color formula (positive values are green, negative are right)
  2. A box plot layer with a very untypical box size of 0 and an "upper whisker" in case of positive values, and a "lower whisker" in case of negative values
  3. a bar chart layer with a bar color of ARGB(0,0,0,0)  (means: completely transparent). Only purpose of this bar layer is the "show values on data points" flag which will print the value next to the needle head. I also put a non-breaking space CHR(8192) before and after the value, so that it makes a little space between the number and the needle head.

Example app is attached.

Pin and Needle.png

Screenshot 2016-03-03 22.47.01.png

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Very creative. Thanks for sharing this

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Thanks Christof, very interesting

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Very Good! I used the same approach to visualize my deviations regarding the IBCS. Just a short note: Eliminate the vertical lines and add a reference line. IBCS do not use vertical lines.

2016-03-04 13_44_43-QlikView x64 - [C__Users_lliadx8_AppData_Local_Microsoft_Windows_Temporary Inter.jpg

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Very nice, but can't you do something very similar using a chart with error bars, rather than box plots?QV_Pin_Needle_1Chart.PNG

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Excellent Post. Thanks for the creativity...

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Interesting One. Thanks for Sharing.

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Good work.. very interesting..

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Poderia me encaminhar um modelo desse gráfico desenvolvido em barra de erro como disse, e possível.

Tenho um tabela em excel  no painel demostro 6 gráficos de barras, e possível desenvolver esses gráficos de pin agulha com dados em excel?????

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Good one.

Thanks for sharing

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