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Popular Data Visualization - Intuitive or Unintuitive.pdf

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Popular Data Visualization - Intuitive or Unintuitive.pdf

This document talks about how intuitive or unintuitive Data Visualization objects can be for the end user by pointing out some of the common practices seen in the industry and attempts to offer a different perspective on how visualizations can be made more intuitive. A blog post on the same topic can be found here.

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Hi great article and source of inspiration.

All chart are well representative.

How do you achieve in qlikview an arrow chart (p16) ?

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Thank you Christopher. To answer your question about the chart, the arrow chart is an illustration done to show how comparing is possible, but it is essentially a gantt chart which could be achieved in QlikView. Please refer to Henric's blog post about making Gantt Charts in QlikView.


New Contributor II

Hi Apeksha,

Great article. It addresses a very important BI basics of building good reports.

The traffic light example on p7is exactly what I've been trying to realise with QlikView for a long time. But unfortunately, it seems still impossible to do in vanilla QV 11?

To have a decently usable chart I must use a pivot table to have text, numbers and bars scroll in unison. Having three bars (as in the example's bissanz source) and their numbers makes this example a powerful way to visualize complex data in an intuitive way.

It all works well until the colouring of the bars. The Pivot Chart's Linear Gauge seems to ignore the formula for calculating the lin. gauge's bar section colour. Effectively, this renders the chart useless because I can't distinguish between positive and negative bars.

How did you overcome this limitation?

Valued Contributor

How to create the intuitive chart of the page 7?

Best Regards.


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Hi Fernando,

I am not a QV developer but I think that chart can be created by creating a mini chart in the table.

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One most commonly asked requirement from lot of prople is to show a pie chart as the one attached. In my attachment, i have used the gauge chart along with a rounded corner text box ( textbox converted to circle by playing with the corner radius and squareness option in the layout tab. Where in Corner radius block select fixed and set it to 95 pts and squareness to 2).  So use a  Gauge chart. Go in the style tab and select the 1st style. Go in presentation tab and un-check show scale textbox. Set Angle Span to 360 degree. Set cylinder thickness to 20. In indicator block set mode to 'no indicator'(which will remove the needle) . In caption tab uncheck 'Show caption'. In layout tab uncheck 'Use borders'. Goin colors tab and set transparency to 100%. Apply your expressions and set the lower and upper bound for the gauge as required. To make the chart look better resize the circular textbox and bring it to the center of the gauge chart. pls refer the attached image for more clarity.untitled.png

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Coming late to the party, but thanks for the document. I also like Rohan Mulay's circles, though the 306% gauge breaks the idea...

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Hi Folks,

How is possible in qlikview work with Bullet Chart without extension? (pg 6)



It is very very helpful Document for representation charts in better way.

Thank you.

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Fantastic this tips for UI Designer.


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