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QMS API Documentation - Version 11

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QMS API Documentation - Version 11

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If you have problem opening the documentation, make sure you "unblock" it.

Right-click the file - Go into Properties.


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I am anable to open the file.


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I cannot open the file too!!

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See my first comment on this document...

Windows applies a block on any .chm files downloaded from a untrusted source. Make sure you unblock it and the navigation issue will go away.

Right click the file -> Properties -> Unblock -> Ok/Apply -> Open the file

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There is no unblock button for me!

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I downloaded the file and unlocked but no text appears.

Many thanks in advance

Best regards,

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I have also unblocked the document but get the same error.  I am in quite a strict corporate environment right now so security settings might be preventing this from opening correctly.

Have asked IT team and will post again if they come up with a solution.  Unless anyone else knows a workaround?

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I have unblocked the file ... when I open the page for DistributionEntries Property

I see this

DocumentTask..::..TaskDistribute..::..TaskDistributeStatic..::..DistributionEntries Property

[Missing <summary> documentation for "PSmiley TongueIX.QMSAPI.DataObjects.DocumentTask.TaskDistribute.TaskDistributeStatic.DistributionEntries"]

What is this ?

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The document was unlocked. Then I opened the document and saw the

   [Missing <summary> documentation for ....

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Hi Ingemar,

Do you know if it's possible create an ExternalProgramTask with the QMS API?



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