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QVD Analyser: Automatically gather information on all QVDs under a root-drive or -folder (QVW)


QVD Analyser: Automatically gather information on all QVDs under a root-drive or -folder (QVW)

Hi everyone,

Please find attached a script that will loop through all folders and sub-folders (you can even point to a specific drive) which will loop through and file all information relating to the underlying QVDs, including table name, records/number of rows, fields, as well as a front-end cross table to see the foreign key relationship (field names shared) across QVDs.

All you need to do is change the variable value (input box or script) and point to a root drive or folder. It will automatically read all QVDs in the given folder and sub-folders. You can also use this file for Sense. Please look at the script and the sample variable input for a Sense "LIB" connection/folder.

Hope you find it useful.

Please check note below on what "v2" contains (QlikView for QlikSense Task analysis).

For QVF Version for QlikSense Server, please look here: QlikSense Tasks Gantt Waterfall Chart & Analyse Corresponding QVDs


I feel a tad embarrassed. If you are on QlikView, use the Governance Dashboard.

Create a horizontal bar chart with:

Dim: TaskResult_Name

Expr: "MaxString(NUM(FinishedAt)) - MaxString(NUM(StartedAt))"

          with offset "FRAC(MaxString(StartedAt))"

Sort by: Expr = "MaxString(StartedAt)".

You should be able to obtain a Gantt chart of all your reloads with all the extra goodies in Gov Dashboard.




Special thanks to Henrik Cronstrom: @loop through to load all files from a folder and its subfolders?


I think this is similar to a How To Find QVD Dependencies‌ resource library item in a way. May be you guys Dimitrios Apostolopoulos‌, Cheenu Janakiram‌ should join your efforts and merge your solutions.

Contributor III

Not a bad idea


Thanks Vasily and Dimitrios, I really like the thought process. I'll have a jab at combining the 2. From a quick glimpse this should be easy(ish) via the shared "QVDName" that needs to be aliased synchronously.


Btw, a quick update. I noticed something bizarre on my field count, so changed the expression in the top table to reflect this. I re-attach. !


Mea culpa. I'm old guard and prefer QlikView for analysing and looking at data. So I've built an amended version, which allows to (manually) look at QMC Tasks on QlikSense and look at the associated QVDs which are on a Sense server. The app allows you to track "Task > App > QVD file > Fields".

All it requires is the usual pointing to the drive or folder and saving the Apps and Tasks tables in Sense QMC in the same folder where you place this attached "v2" QVW.

It then builds a Gantt Waterfall where you can look at your running tasks to see when they launch and when they "end" via the last (max()) creation time of an associated QVD.

Hope this helps.

Thanks to  dapostolopoylos‌ and v.petrenko‌ for the inspiration and their thoughts above.


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