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QlikView 11.2 Architecture Diagram v 0.1.PNG


QlikView 11.2 Architecture Diagram v 0.1.PNG

Did you ever see an attempt to make a QlikView Architecture Diagram - here is my first go. I would love to get some feedback on errors, inaccuracies etc so I can improve it.

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Hallo Petter,


today is my first Login in Qlik Community, for I am looking for a possible Qlik add in or modul for process modeling. Process modeling with BPMN (or EPK, KSA methods) as a tool for modeling and linking to the KPIs. Also for modeling for diagramms or data modells.


Does anyone know the module and their names? Your Diagramm is designed by?


Thank you for your reply in advance - Andreas


I have no information about BPMN or similar methods and tools for that purpose the links into QlikView for the KPIs. I know that a lot of these tools can produced XML in a BPMN-specific format and you can certainly to some extent read XML into QlikView. XML is one of the formats QlikView can consume in its load script. How easy or hard it is to achieve your purpose is hard for me to tell.

My diagram has been made directly within the UI of QlikView ... rather simplistic and straightforward - by myself.

There are some tools that can be used for diagramming that produce both XML and SVG like Dia and the resulting files could probably be consumed in QlikView. I would think it needs a bit of coding to get it to work smoothly and not exactly a turn-key solution.

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This is great!!

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