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QlikView App: Dynamic Date Dimension - With Hours


QlikView App: Dynamic Date Dimension - With Hours

This example is an update to a previous Shared QlikView, http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-4311 , which shows a chart with a Dynamic Date Dimension based on the number of possible values of each date type. This example takes it further with a drill to data at an hourly level.

Natively QlikView allows for Drill Groups of fields, which makes it simple to create a drill down from Years, through Months and down to Dates. This works well, but does not allow the user to view months across two years, or even some months at the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

By using a Calculated Dimension this example chart chooses which date type to show, Year, Month or Date based on the number of possible values for each of those date types. This allows for a much more dynamic and intuitive view of values over time.

Also included in the QlikView is an example of how thin bars in QlikView 11 allow for further visualisations.

Steve Dark


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This is great stuff Steve thanks for sharing!

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Love it, will look forward to trying it out in some of my own applications. Thanks Steve!

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A very smart programmed selection method and very intuitive for the user. The user is getting what he wants without clicking on special buttons or icons.

Selecting one month and you are getting the days of the month, Selection multiple months and you are getting the months.

Selecting one day you are getting the hours. Selection multiple days you are getting the days.



Thanks Nico, glad you like the app.

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Hi Steve

Loving the work.

I look forward to looking at this in more detail and seeing how I can apply it into my own reports.


Hi Andy,

Many thanks.  There are links to other bits and bobs I have uploaded here:



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Hi Steve

i checked ur application.. it really shows Good.. but how u  created this application and

Dynamic Date Dimension - With Hours

can u help me


I've not created a blog post for this app, so there are no instructions as such.  It should be possible to reverse engineer it by looking at the code.

How far have you got and what error are you presently seeing?


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Thank's for sharing

Good work


Enrique Colomer

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thanks for sharing document. Good one

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