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QlikView App: Multi Column List Box

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

QlikView App: Multi Column List Box

This example shows how to create a multi column List Box, that behaves like a normal list box, but with multiple distinct columns.

The object is created not using a List Box, but rather a Chart of type Straight Table - with multiple dimensions attached to it.  All values are always shown, as in a List Box, by using an expression with a 'full set' Set Analysis on it.  The green, grey and white colours are provided by custom Background Colour code on the dimensions.

In the example there is a one-to-one relationship between all the fields in the 'List Box'.  The solution should however work where this relationship is less ordered.

This QlikView was written as a response to the following QlikCommunity thread:


Steve Dark


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Valued Contributor

I like this. One of my gripes with the table box that there is no way to stop it collapsing when selections are made.

the colouring falls down if you make multiple selections. I wonder if use a MATCH based approach would be better for handling the background colouring.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Hi David - I added some more data in the inline load and the highlighting of the selected fields works as I would have expected.  Are you wanting the green highlight to cover the entire row of fields if any one value is selected?

To do this you would need to modify the colour expressions on the three dimensions.  Where the white colour is currently showing this would need to have another IF around it, so that if there was a selection in any one of the three fields then it should show green otherwise it would be white.


New Contributor II

Good design but the problem with table boxes is you can't Ctrl+Select to pick multiple items. Event though, tables have more options for designing how it looks -

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