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QlikView Data Services.zip

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QlikView Data Services.zip

Have you ever imagined the ability for QlikView to pull data from an asp.net web service and load it directly into the QlikView tables without having to write files to the file system or having to do a reload? How about saving information to a database via a web service and seeing the results locally? Imagine Distributed Data via Web Services without a VPN or special Firewall Rules to connect to databases? If you are seeking a solution that does just that. Here is the total solution. There are a few tricks that I used for this example. The trick is being able to create a serializeable data format that can be consumed by VBA code. Included in this Zip file is a MSSQL 2012 Database backup file, A C# ASP.NET, and a QlikView file. Together they give a basic overview of how to use QlikView with an ASP.NET web service. The code is documented so it should be easy to reproduce. It utilizes a delimited string split into two arrays and using the dynamic update functions within QlikView.

Glad to answer any questions you may have. I Know there are at least a dozen more ways to do this, But i chose the simplest solution that could be easy to follow. Load a QVW from web services?

Have fun and Good Luck!

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