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QlikView Expressor Incremental Load Examples

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QlikView Expressor Incremental Load Examples

This QlikView Expressor sample workspace provides some examples of dataflows that support incremental loading of QlikView data.  The following dataflows are included in the sample project:

  • AdditionsOnly_Funnel:  A dataflow that handles augmenting an historical data set with newly arriving data.  This case is useful with append-only data whose records are never updated or deleted (e.g. machine generated data like web logs).
  • AdditionsOnly_Append:  A variation of AdditionsOnly_Funnel that uses the Write QlikView operator’s “append” property to append data to the end of a previously existing QlikView data file (QVD or QVX).
  • AdditionsAndUpdates: A dataflow that handles merging new and changed records from a change record stream into an historical record set to bring the historical record set up-to-date.
  • AdditionsUpdatesAndDeletes: An incremental load dataflow that handles additions, modifications and deletions of records.
  • GenerateDataUsingFlow:  A dataflow that generates a few years’ worth of data to test the dataflows above.
  • Moving36MonthWindow:  A dataflow that processes the handles a moving, 36-month data history window by dynamically selecting which historical files to read and merging in the new records from the current day and prior days of the current month.
  • Generate36MonthInvoiceHistory:  A dataflow that generates 36 months’ worth of data to test the Moving36MonthWindow  dataflow.
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