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QlikView Expressor: Retrieving Expressor Repository Installation Details

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QlikView Expressor: Retrieving Expressor Repository Installation Details

Originally published on 07-21-2011 05:09 AM

When you install Expressor Repository you must supply four pieces of information.

  1. The installation directory.
  2. The directory in which the repository database will be stored.
  3. The TCP/IP port on which the repository will listen for requests.
  4. The credentials for a user account that will have check-in and check-out privileges.

As an administrator of the Expressor installation, you will need to know the installation directory and the directory holding the repository database. Expressor Studio developers who want to create Repository Workspaces will need to know the host name, or IP address, of the computer hosting Expressor Repository and the TCP/IP port number. Users will also need to have log in credentials, although it is not necessary that each user have personal credentials.

To retrieve the details of the installation, that is, directory locations and the TCP/IP port:On the computer hosting Expressor Repository, open a command window.

  1. Issue the command sc qc expressorRepository.
  2. The BINARY_PATH_NAME entry contains all of the information related to the installation directory, database file system location, and TCP/IP port.

The user account details are stored in a configuration file that is stored in the conf subdirectory under the repository database file system location in a file named passwd. If required, open this file in a text editor and add credentials for other users.

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