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QlikView Expressor Tutorial Advanced: Datascript

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QlikView Expressor Tutorial Advanced: Datascript


QlikView Expressor consists of three components:

  1. Desktop:  The graphical user interface used to develop and test data integration applications.
  2. Data Integration Engine:  The command line executable that runs QlikView Expressor data integration applications.
  3. Repository:  The version control system that integrates with Desktop and the Engine, supporting team development and controlled deployment.

While all three components may be installed onto computers running Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2003/2008, the standard approach is to install Desktop onto developer computers running Windows XP or Windows 7 and the Engine and Repository onto computers running Windows Server.

A customer generally deploys Desktop onto many developer computers, configuring them to use a common Repository.  This arrangement allows developers to work privately, in what is termed a Standalone Workspace, or within a team, in a Repository Workspace.  Once an application’s development and testing are complete, a compiled version of the application may be checked out of Repository onto the computer hosting the Data Integration Engine.  While many deployments install the Engine and Repository onto separate computers, it is perfectly acceptable to install these two components onto the same computer.

The Engine and Repository components of QlikView Expressor must be licensed and will not run until the license is installed.  Desktop is functional without an externally applied license, but does not support the Teradata TDT operator until an appropriate purchased license key has been installed.

In order to work on the examples and exercises presented in the attached document, it is only necessary to install Expressor Desktop.

This document assumes you have a working understanding of Expressor Desktop and will not provide detailed instructions on creating the artifacts needed to implement the examples and exercises.  This document also assumes you understand programming concepts such as defining and invoking a function and using control of flow statements (if…then…else; while…do…end; etc)


This is a beautiful document. Thanks John and team.

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