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QlikView Incremental Load Demo


QlikView Incremental Load Demo

QlikView Incremental Load Demo. This demo asset is a simple way to show QlikView's incremental load behavior in action. Start with an initial load of data. Then demonstrate how incremental loads can insert, update and delete data from a QlikView application. The document within the zip archive, "Incremental Load Demo.pdf", walks you through the demo.

Valued Contributor II

Thanks for sharing. Very useful material to understand incremental load practically

Valued Contributor

Nice material. Been waiting for something like this...

Contributor II

Hi Brian,

Thanks for sharing.

I would add one note - storing vLastExecTime inside a qvw in some scenarios could be not usefull, for instance if you want to move you application to another environment with same data structure but different content.

I would prefer to get vLastExecTime from alredy existed QVD on the first step

Also it good to have one script for initial and incremental load - whether it should be initial or incremental determines by checking if there is already created QVD or not.


Valued Contributor

Makes sense. Thanks

New Contributor II

Thanks for sharing. It's interesting to have these scenarios in only one demo.

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