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QlikView Version 11 SDK

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QlikView Version 11 SDK

Welcome to the QlikView Version 11 SDK

The QlikView Software Development Kit is the home of the QlikView Software Integration toolbox. It includes sample code and the Application Programming Interfaces  (APIs).

Note: More content will be added in an ongoing basis.

How Do I...                                    
client.png Build Standalone Windows applications?  -  QlikView OCX

QlikView OCX is an ActiveX control containing the QlikView program for embedding into host application programs developed by software manufacturers on a OEM basis. QlikView OCX can be used to open documents in QlikView Server or document files directly as a desktop client.                                 


client.png Build a public Internet website using .NET controls?  -  QlikView Workbench

The QlikView WorkBench is a .NET based developer tool for enabling the integration of QlikView into web based solutions. QlikView Workbench uses the JavaScript API of the QlikView AJAX client.                                 


QlikView API Guides                                   
client.pngThe QlikView  Core COM API

This API guide documents the core COM based Automation interface of the QlikView installed client.

QlikView COM API guide

client.pngThe QlikView JavaScript API

The JavaScript API represents the web API for the QlikView AJAX clients, for buildning Extension Objects, and for working with the QlikView Workbench.

QlikView JavaScript API Reference

QlikView Extension Definition File

QlikView Properties Page

QlikView Properties
(download as .zip)

The QlikVIew Management Service API

The QlikView Management Service API is a Web Services API for functionality used by a QlikView Server Administrator.

QlikView Management Service API Reference

QMS Client Sample Application (Delivered as Part of QlikView PowerTools)

Event Driven Execution (EDX) Reference

QVX  - Create Your Own Data Connector

There can be sources of data which are not available through ODBC  or OLE DB sources and are not readable as flat files. QVX (QlikView  data eXchange) is a file/stream format for data which allows you to  create your own connector for input into QlikView. A QVX formatted file  contains metadata describing a table of data and the actual data.  The  QVX SDK contains two examples (with sample c# code) of extracting data  from the Windows Event log for both QVX file production and streaming  data directly into QlikView.

QVX File Format Specification

QVX Instructions

QVX Libraries and Examples

For general product information or support, please visit QlikView Home Page


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New Contributor III

Where is the Automation API for QV11 based an qv.exe (not ocx) ?

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If you install the QlikView Documentation package for v11, the API guide will be located in
ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikView Documentation\Automation.

Actually the OCX API and the Qv.exe are the same. The OCX has some additional events and properties outlined in one of the tabs of the API guide, but all the automation members are 100% the same.

New Contributor III

Thanks Ingemar Carlo,

but it doesn't seem to work. It seems that i can't use the OCX Library for QV.exe. Delphi says something like "Class not registered". Are you sure i can use the OCX Library for QV.exe ? Can you send a small example for me ?

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The Type Library can only be used with QlikView OCX. You will not be able to embed Qv.exe within a development tool like Delphi. There is a license to use QlikView OCX in this way that is reserved for OEM partners only.

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Hi All,

Where do I download Workbench?


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RE: Ticketing examples of QV 11

"Look in the Program Files install directory for QlikView and search for the QVSTicket.htm file".

I have installed QV Server 11.0 SR2.

I have searched through C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86), C:\ProgramData .. but did not find the referenced file.

Is there some other package I need to install?

These are the subdirs of my install directory:

C:\Program Files\QlikView>dir /b /ad

Directory Service Connector

Distribution Service


Management Service




Support Tools



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Is there a v11 for "QlikView Management Service API Examples - Version10"?

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Is there a way to track what changes are made to content? I get notifications that a change was made but I can't determine what changes was?

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What's the status of Web Parts for SharePoint?  Is it still supported and is there any documentation?  The brochure section of qlik.com is missing the PDF and I don't see it included in the SDK.  Please advise.


QlikView Web Parts for SharePoint is a separate installation package, not included in the SDK. It is still supported and will be maintained for SharePoint 2010.

QlikView SR5 will provide additional support for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online, using QlikView Workbench (not QlikView Web Parts).

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