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Qlikview Variable and Group Manager Application


Qlikview Variable and Group Manager Application


I had a need to keep my Variable and Group information in external files for better security. I had once lost my variables when they were just stored in the QVW file.

Anyway, I created an application using the Electron framework to manage my variable and group information.

If any of you have a similar need and would like to give my application a try, I would appreciate it, as I could use more eyes on it for testing and suggestions to make the application more robust.

You can download the installation executable from github here: https://github.com/analytixncs/qlikview-utility/releases/tag/0.1.0-alpha

You can take a look at the source and build it yourself from this repository: https://github.com/analytixncs/qlikview-utility

The basic idea is to store the variable and group information in JSON files and then export it to either JSON or XML. I use XML, since Qlikview (which I am using) doesn't have native JSON import functionality.

There is not much documentation (see the github repository readme), but it is pretty straightforward and you can contact me with any questions at markmccoid@gmail.com.

When you install, there is some sample data so you can see what the end result is before you spend a bunch of time entering your own data.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the application:







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