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QvM - Color Management

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Creator III
Creator III

QvM - Color Management

"How to reduce time to set up and manage the colors of your dashboard and start creating business value faster?"

Imagine there would be a module that could help set up and manage the colors for your dashboard without wasting to much time.

There are many solutions available on the QlikCommunity but I think a proper external to QlikView color management solution should create variables referring to a groups of objects, specific qlikview color properties ( ex. data color map, caption background) or specific parts of the app (help menu drop down panel). ! !

Many solutions assign RGB values to variables with color names, these color named variables are then added in the frontend as calculated colors. If you want to change for example the active and inactive caption of all your charts and tables and the color named variable that was added in the calculated color options was called Color.LogoRed you have two options:

1) Change the RGB value of your variable Color.LogoRed to a different RGB value for example the RGB values for blue. Some remarks here. The captions indeed all changed to the new color, Huuray. But very likely some other parts of your dashboard changed too where you did not want your change. Notice that your variable is called Color.LogoRed. It's quite confusing that you have to remember that LogoRed actually means blue and that DarkBlue actually is yellow. I guess you got the point...

2) You could ofcourse replace all Color.LogoRed variables in the captions with Color.SkyBlue. But what is the point of creating variables and an external excel to manage the variables if you still have to dive in all the objects to go and replace the variables if you want to do a color change?

Now imagine that there would be a variable called Color.Caption. Background that was placed in all the caption color background properties of all the chart and table objects. This variable is not used anywhere else. If you now change the value of this variable to a different RGB color, magic happens, with 5s of work you've done something that could have taken you hours. This is the color management solution I want!


  • Reduction in time required to setup the colors for your dashboard
  • Reduction in time required to introduce color changes to specific parts of your dashboard
  • Manage the colors of your dashboard in one place


  • A script reload is required
  • More complex to start with but highly beneficial in the long run


Adjust the colors of the corresponding frontend properties in the color.xlsm excel and reload your Qvw file.

PS: Special thanks to Rob Wunderlich for the Color subroutine which I used as the foundation of the Color Management Module.

The Color Management Module is part of the QvM - Qlikview Modules ‌template.

Thanks for your feedback and comments.

Have fun Qlik'n, Koen


Contributor III
Contributor III

it's really useful

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