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QvM - Dynamic Data Model

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QvM - Dynamic Data Model

"Can you test and predict the behaviour of your datamodel ?"

Ever wondered how the data model looks like with the current selections? How selections in one table have an influence on another table in your datamodel. The DynamicDataModel Module can be used to test your datamodel. Using the Distinct record ID and table statistics you can check if your datamodel behaves as intended and if the script actually created the tables as you had envisioned.


Dynamic Datamodel overview

Dynamic Data Model.PNG

Auto generated multibox with multiple table statistics

Dynamic Multibox with table statistics.PNG

    Note: Trade ID is the user defined distinct record id for the table trades and has 9.964 records in the current selection

    which is 64,86% of all records in the Trades table.


  • Easy setup
  • Compare # distinct record ids with # rows in a table
  • Check your datamodel and tables after a script reload
  • Get a better understanding of the behaviour of your datamodel and perform business logic tests easily
  • Multiple table statistics for the current selections and the complete record set
  • Select which tables and fields should be part of the dynamic datamodel


  • A script reload is required
  • Performance slow down for large tables (10M+)


  • Call the DynamicDataModel subroutine.

The Dynamic Data Model Module is part of the QvM - Qlikview Modules template.

Thanks for your feedback and comments.

Have fun Qlik'n, Koen


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quite useful

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Alberto Rodríguez

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Thanks for the useful information.

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