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Rainbow Generator - With some interesting functions

Contributor II

Rainbow Generator - With some interesting functions

This application is a bit of fun, but also a good example of some interesting functions in QlikView.

1. ValueLoop is a great way of creating a synthetic dimension in a chart. Here it is controlled through variables to give a dynamic range to the ValueLoop meaning the user can control how many values appear in the loop and what size step the loop takes.

2. BitAnd might be family to programmers but in the context of this application it allows us to dynamically control the transparency of a calculated colour.

3. ColorMapHue allows us to control the hue of a colour based upon a value between 0 and 1. This appears to mainly be useful in an artistic setting like this application, though any examples of real world use would be interesting to learn about.

This is all used to configure a highly customised scatter chart using lines to join the points. I think it makes quite a nice demonstration of these interesting capabilities.

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Interesting !! nice work done... !

Contributor II

Interesting Work !!

Valued Contributor II

nice work Adom, well done

Not applicable

very interesting,thanks for sharing...



One suggestion maybe combinate with qvd of METEO it could be interresting to have differents color with a qvd of METEO

Contributor II

Nice idea alex alex. I've linked it in to the API from openweathermap.org and can now control the colour of the sky using their XML API. Currently 90% cloud in London so looking a bit grey. Hopefully tomorrow's reload should improve things Rainbow Cloud.png


Hello Adam ,good work again .

This API is daily updated!

so in order to keep informations , what is your way about store this informations daily.

you load this API into a meteo.qvd  that 's true ... and you reload from meteo.qvd

Contributor II

If I needed the historical data then storing it into a QVD would be a good way of doing it. As it is, I only want a snapshot when it is reloaded so I am just putting the data from the XML straight into the data model.

LOAD [lastupdate/value],


    [city/coord/lat] as lat

FROM [http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q=Reading,uk&mode=xml] (XmlSimple, Table is [current]);

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