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Recent Updates to QlikView Boards

Community Manager
Community Manager

Recent Updates to QlikView Boards

Hello Qlik Community,

We recently made a few updates to simplify the navigation for the QlikView discussion boards.

The discussion boards have been moved out of the QlikView Discussions category level, and are now found directly under "QlikView."

2018-12-20 Qlik Community QlikView Browser.png

We've also consolidated some related boards together:

QlikView Connector for Salesforce and QlikView Connector for SAP have been combined together in QlikView Connectors.

QlikView Security and QlikView Governance are now found together in QlikView Security and Governance.

QlikView OCX has been moved into QlikView Integration.

QlikView Performance and QlikView License & User Management have been moved into QlikView Deployment.

QlikView Direct Discovery has been moved into QlikView App Development.

QlikView Expressor and QlikView to Qlik Sense Transition boards have been archived.




If you were subscribed to any of the boards that were moved into another board, be sure to subscribe to the new board to continue getting updates.

2018-12-20 Subscribe Context.png

Likewise, if you have saved browser bookmarks with the old board URLs, you'll want to update those to the new board's URL. Links to individual posts will continue to work just fine.

We hope these changes make it easier to find the best board for researching and posting QlikView questions. 


Thank you,

Qlik Community Team

Contributor III


Not sure if this is the right place to ask/mention this, however worth a shot.

I dip in occasionally and I tend to look for questions that have been unanswered, on the grounds that there are some that get left that are good questions that are quite a challenge (amongst some that have not been answered where posters want a whole build done … which are amusing to look through in their own way).

Changing the view to unanswered seems to  list posts in a random date order, so lots dated in 2015 comes up first.

Is there a way to get to recent unanswered questions quickly? Am I just doing something wrong?




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