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RightQlik: quick access to common operations on QlikView files

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RightQlik: quick access to common operations on QlikView files

If you’re a QlikView developer, you probably know that there are a few tasks that can be performed with QlikView from the command line. One of my favorites is the Open without data option (see below to read how it can sometimes be a real life saver). As this (and some others) is a really useful option, I think it should be more readily available to be used when needed without having to launch a cmd window or even create a .bat file. So, I created a custom context menu for QlikView files that puts these options just one click away (literally). Here is the result:


I will first introduce these options and why they can be useful. At the end of this post, you’ll find instructions to add this context menu to your own system.

Opening a QlikView document without data

Besides the command line, there’s another way to open a document without its data: simply right click on the file from the list of Recently Opened Documents and select the corresponding option.


If you’re a developer, you’d normally use this option when reviewing script, expressions, or general layout of a QlikView document and don’t need to see the data contained in it. This is particularly useful if we’re talking about files that, when opened normally, would eat up a considerable amount of RAM in your computer.

The Open Without Data option is sometimes a life saver as well; and I can talk from experience. Once, I was about to present a demo we’ve made for a prospective customer and, just before the meeting started, I powered up my laptop and tried to open the file only to see the following message appear:


At some point during the last changes applied to the document, the file had became corrupt, we had no backups and everybody was there waiting to see the demo. Maybe just in a moment of luck, right before panicking, I right clicked and opened the document without data. My heart was beating again. After that, just a quick reload and we were off demoing QlikView again.

The command line, one qlik away.

But is this option only available from the Recently Opened Documents? What happens if you want to open without data a document that has not been opened before on your machine? As mentioned previously, there’s another option: the command line.

By using the command line, we can run QlikView and perform some common tasks, among which is the “Open Without Data” option. Just call qv.exe from the cmd window, specify a file to be opened, and add the /NoData switch. Other options include the ability to open and reload a qvw file, open a document overriding module security, etc.

All these options exist. However, in my opinion, these options should be more readily available, so that they can be easily used when needed. Enter RightQlik.


RightQlik is a simple custom context menu that’s shown when right clicking on a QVW file. This allows quick access to some common functions that a developer would often perform on a QlikView file:

  • Open in a new QV instance: This option will open the selected file in a new QlikView instance. This allows for quick switching between several QlikView files, opened in several windows.
  • Open without data: opens the document without also loading its data.
  • Reload document: Runs a reload of the QlikView script and closes the document. With this option, you can run simultaneous reloads of several QlikView documents with a simple click by first selecting all of them.
  • Reload and keep open: Runs a reload of the QlikView script and the document remains open after finished.
  • This custom context menu is only shown when dealing with QVW files, and will stay out of your way when dealing with any other file type.

To install, simply run the following exe file with administrative privileges and that’s it! The installation file is prepared to work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and has been tested in several versions of Windows.

>> Download RightQlik <<



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