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This qvw is an example of how to use the dynamic update function in combination with a macro and partial reload to update the information in the qvw near instantanious. Perfect for on the fly scenario building and over time analysis of projects!

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This looks like an interesting concept.

Could it be used such that the first load is from a large qvd that is incrementally updated every hour or two via Publisher.  And then the second "ADD ONLY LOAD" get its data from the source database such that the the sql used gets all rows updated since the qvd loaded first was updated, i.e. so that the 'Calculate' button becomes a 'Get Latest Data' button ?

Also, I have comes across scenarios where macro's don't work with the Ajax client, would this work via Ajax ?

Best Regards,  Bill Markham

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Hey Bill,

Ok if I read your question correctly you want to have the latest data loaded into your qlikview file. A file containing the data is incrementally updated and loaded into your QlikView document with the regular load.

Then you want to address the partial reload with a button, making a direct connection to the database to get the latest updated data from the database that is not yet loaded into the qvd file because it is only updated every hour or two.

Am I correct?

If so, yes this is possible. However it is not the functionality I made this .qvw for.

Another  question that arises is, do you then also want to save the data to the .qvd file that is incrementally loaded? This can be done. In the same fashion that is used in the example file above, by exporting a table and storing the data in the .qvd

Finally, about the Ajax client. The dynamic update part will work, but in my experience the partial reload function (either as action or via macro) does not work. If you have a QlikView server (and publisher is needed for this aswell as far as I know) there is a workaround for this because you can let the server reload the file on an external trigger (QV EDX). With which you can trigger a task on the server to run the partial reload for the file.

Best Regards,



Hei Jop!
Thank you for sharing. I tested it on AJAX (11.2 SR3), but there is no qvd created. Probably it means that this macro is not allowed in AJAX. I also tried to create button with export data into csv, but ajax doesn't save data directly into csv, just popup window appears wuth data. Seems

Is it any solution to allow users save data automatically into disk ? If data are already into disk, then I can create EDX to load it once more into QlikView file.


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