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This tutorial exercise demonstrates how to create import options for Extension Schemas. As in the previous exercise in this series, “Tutorial: Creating Write operators and using special fields,” this exercise uses the Record Special and Field Special settings in the Extension Object Schema Descriptor to enable the Schema to specify the character to recognize as the field delimiter when reading a CSV file.

This tutorial requires you to use QlikView Expressor 3.10 because the new version contains a fix to a bug that would prevent the exercise from working successfully.

The tutorial builds on the first two tutorial exercises published on the Community site, “Schema from Type Tutorial Exercise” and “Tutorial: Creating Write operators and using special fields,” and on the exercises in the online help for QlikView Expressor 3.9 and 3.10. Before attempting to complete this tutorial, you should have a working knowledge of the Extensions SDK and complete at least the first three tutorial exercises in the online help. You must also have worked through the Schema-from-Type and the Write-operators-with-special-fields tutorials.

Values in CSV files can be separated by a number of different characters, though only one character can be used as a field delimiter in a given file. In this exercise, we add a special value to the Extension Object Schema Descriptor used in the previous tutorial (“Tutorial: Creating Write operators and using special fields”) that allows a user creating an Extension Schema to specify a field delimiter different from the default delimiter.

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