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Self Serve Report Builder Example.qvw

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Self Serve Report Builder Example.qvw

This example shows how to build a Self-Serve dashboard in QlikView, providing a "drag and drop" interface for building charts with multiple dimensions and measures.

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Ah, I now see that this is a response to:


Thanks for the example, I was confused by the use of "drag and drop", though! 

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Correct, there is no "drag and drop" actually happening in the example I provided.

I only use the term "drag and drop" as it is how business users tend to describe and think about self-serve OLAP report builders.

It only takes a few seconds to demonstrate that the this approach using List Boxes is more efficient, while accomplishing the same goals as a traditional "drag and drop" interface.  So business users will quickly forgive you for the lack of drag and drop.  That said, if I get really pushed, I demonstrate how I can move columns around through dragging and dropping.

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Thanks for the clarification. Given the user base that I am involved with, I try not to use terms they either don't know or I know will confuse them!

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Your example is very helpful, is partially helped for my requirement. I have created a dimension with drill down structure with drill down group with Project number being my last drill, I have added Project description as an expression which I want to be shown only when I drill to project number and hide it from other drills.

Could you please me inputs on how can I do it?

Appreciate your help

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