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Set Analysis Beginners Guide v2.0.docx

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Set Analysis Beginners Guide v2.0.docx

Hello All,

When I first began using QlikView, I found Set Analysis (and sometimes still do) very difficult to understand. This provides a useful step by step guide on how to understand Set Analysis.

I hope this is useful to you all.

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Nice Work....

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There is a point when you say that max(Month) returns 0.

I think there is a problema with formats. max(Month) of January, February March is not 0, is 3,

When you say sum({$<Month={'$(vMaxMonth)'}>}Sales),March is not equal to 3, so it does not work. It ignores the Month subset.

But,.... if we say sum({$<Month={'<=$(vMaxMonth)'}>}Sales) it does work, so:

either we create a vMaxMonthLetters, or we do...

sum({$<Month={'>=$(vMaxMonth)<=$(vMaxMonth)'}>} Sales)

and it works.


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Good work !!

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Good one..

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example files please

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Hi Mark,

This guide seems to be *largely* based on the series of posts I wrote at The Magic Of Set Analysis | iQlik - Everything QlikView., as well as in our book QlikView 11 for Developers: Barry Harmsen, Miguel Garcia: 9781849686068: Amazon.com: Books .

It's great to see that you've found my resources helpful, but it'd be nice if you at least give credit when credit is due and avoid plagiarism. I'm not saying you copied and pasted the content directly, but most part of the guide you've published is identical to the original content; even the examples provided, and sequence of steps, are identical. I honestly can't find any original input in this document.

Anyway, it's great to see more people are taking advantage of this resource

For everyone looking to get more in-depth in this awesome QlikView functionality, and get the example files associated with the examples, please head on to The Magic Of Set Analysis | iQlik - Everything QlikView.


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