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Slightly Improved Sankey extension

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Slightly Improved Sankey extension

Someone posed the question on the community about the fact that the sankey extension object was duplicating nodes rather than allowing intermediaries to work properly.


So I got hold of the D3 code and slightly changed the way it works.

– Now works from three fields; Source Destination and Size

– Added the ability to double click on nodes to select the source or destination

– Number formatting tweak

– Size added to the labels

Included is an example file which includes code to shred a path into the two fields required

Overall this isn’t a huge change, just a small refinement



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Thank you Adam !

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for this! It's a good idea. I just have one problem... The Destination box is disable. I can't enter a dimension. The Source is enable. Do you know why?


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hmmm no that sounds odd, can you share a file so I can take a look?

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I recreate the object and finally it works. It was because I started from a sankey developed with the last version.

Another question : is it possible to remove the "- Size" at the end of the field values?


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Included is an example file which includes code to shred a path into the two fields required

Can you post this code?  I assume it is in the *.qvw file.  I am trying to use a Sankey diagram with QlikSense and cannot fond one that takes a path_traveled type dimension.  I don't have access to QlikView.

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