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Source Control made simple

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Source Control made simple

Source Control on QlikView.

Like all projects working solo is not a norm and source control is a critical part of this collaboration working optimally. When it comes to QlikView most of the dev work is done by one person making Source Control a topic that is dwelled upon a lot.

We will look at setting up and using TFS in QlikView.


  • Visual Studio (not earlier than 2013 since ‘Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider is only available till 2013’)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider
  • TFS Server or Visual Studio Cloud Server.

Setting up visual Studio cloud

  1. Set up your Visual Studio cloud server, ignore if you have TFS server, but you will still need to do number 9.
  2. Goto https://www.visualstudio.com/
  3. Then follow “Free Visual Studio” link
  4. Click Free Account just below “Visual Studio Team Services”.
  5. Login with your Microsoft details (Email login details).
  6. Give a name for your host and where you will host all your projects.
  7. Click “Team Foundation Version Control” for managing your code then click continue. (e.g. firstproject.visualstudio.com)
  8. Create your first project.
    1. This could be the name of your project or the name of the team as you can have many models within one Project.
  9. Install “Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider” same version with your visual studio, only goes up to 2013.


Setting Up QlikView

  1. Open QlikView:
  2. go to file -> source control -> settings
  3. under the drop down select “QlikView MSSCCI Provider *32
  4. Click settings and follow path to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider” then select “TfsMsscciProvider.dll
    1. You can only find this file when you followed number 9 above.
  5. Open QVW you are working together on.
  6. Go to File ->source control -> Add project to source control
  7. Click “Servers” then “Add
  8. Team Foundation Server name is your hostname, in our case it is.
  9. Put in your login details.
  10. Go to the directory where you want to store your source control files.
  11. Name the file name of your source control then click OK
  12. Check in it will check in everything.

Using Source control

  1. With the other person, they will have to do steps 1 - 4 from Setting up QlikView
  2. They should go to file -> source control -> get project from source control
  3. Add your server
  4. Go to the folder where you stored your project. The file always has PRJ at the end.
  5. Set a local path where you will direct it to save your QVW file after compiling it. Click Ok and you have their version.


  1. Get Latest Version to get an updated version given whoever was working on it and checked it in
  2. Check in Pending Changes to check in the changes you have made on the model.
  3. Undo Pending Changes to undo changes that you made to the model.
  4. Roll Back only can be done in visual studio
  5. Open visual studio
  6. Go to Team and connect Team Foundation service
  7. Add the Server and connect
  8. Go to view -> other windows -> source control explorer
  9. Go to the directory where you saved your project.
  10. On each XML file, you can roll back individually.
  11. Right-click on the XML file you want to roll back
  12. Click rollback and follow directions.

Download as PDF:

For a more detailed download the PDF below.


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sibusiso90‌ I can successfully connect to VSTS, however, I can't get or create any team projects through QlikView client. Seems that QlikView client adds account name after "visualstudio.com/". Is there are any workarounds for this or I am doing something wrong? QlikView_VSTS_2.jpg

New Contributor III

I would like to start using VSTS for my source control. Did you get the above issue resolve?

Contributor II

Hi Leo,

I don't think there is a way to create a project from QlikView. I would advise to create a project from your TFS server.

goto TFS.jpghttps://accountname.visualstudio.com/

Make sure that your version control is selected to team foundation version control.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if it's not.

Contributor II

This is not really an issue you just need to create your project in your TFS server.Server.JPG

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