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Step-by-Step Google Map API v3 integration (deprecated by Google, does not work anymore)

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Step-by-Step Google Map API v3 integration (deprecated by Google, does not work anymore)


Google Map Integration API v3

This document describes a setp by step integration of Google Map API v3.

This includes script and screenshots.


– Integration based on QV-Extensions or Scatter Charts

– Can be used in QlikView Desktop and Web/Mobile-client

– Auto-Zoom functionality out of the box

– Use existing code for integration

– Easy to integrate

– Road View , Aerial View

– Hiqh quality of maps

– Performance

– Availability


- Take care of licensing terms of Google Maps !

- Some data will be sent to Google servers

- In cases of scatter charts QlikView server needs access to the Internet

Free only if

- publicly accessible

- not behind a firewall

- not use in internal networks

Specialist II
Specialist II

Thank you, very useful to have this info in a document.

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Very Good

Contributor II
Contributor II


My great thanks to Armand Frigo for share this procedure with us.

In order to load the static image you have to turn the Google Statics Maps API V1 request (page 11/13 of your document), to a  V2 request.

For more informations see:

Static Maps API V2 Developer Guide - Google Maps Image APIs — Google Developers

What changes ?

- The url is different.

-  No longer need the API KEY to load statics maps images.

-  The 'sensor' parameter is required.  (In most cases set to false)

So, turn the dynamic image path into:



num(var_mid_lat, '##############', '.', ',' )




num(var_mid_long, '##############', '.', ',' )









I'm sorry if my english sound not realy good.


Creator III
Creator III

Marcio just posted similar example but with MapQuest which is totally free to use - google maps are not free for apps which are not publicly accessible

Working with maps from Mapquest

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Hi ,

I want to thank Armand for sharing this important doc with us.

I am new to QV and I am facing problems while following this doc :

I loaded the script of the 1st page and probably it works fine ,

But when trying to add dimension to the chart I could not see Customer dim or any other dim , except _zoom_level ,

Is there  any additional file that need to be loaded ?

Also when passing to the expressions tab I could not see Longitude and Latitude expressions (only _zoom_level)

So to summarize there are two problems :

1 - abscence of Customer Dim to add it to the Chart

2 - abscence of Longitude and Latitude in the expression tab

I guess there is an extra file (not mentioned in the doc) that need to be loaded , if possbile can someone provide us with it , or at least with its structure.

One last thing concerning gmap_key , I left it on comments (as we do not need it anymore according to developers.google : 'The Google Maps JavaScript API v3 does not require an API key to function correctly' )

Please , any help will be highly appreciated.


Hi Hechmi,

You need to load customer, longitude and latitude from your own dataset.

The screenshots are provided as examples.

There are many longitude/latitude datasets for free available on the web (Google them), it all depend on the country and level you are interested in.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Man for your fast reply 

I am working on that now.

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Hi Armand Frigo ,

Sorry , I tried what you have told , but that does not worked for me ,

I loaded an Inline data just for testing (and then I will adapt it to the real data) :

Load * Inline [

Customer , Net Sales , Longitude , Latitude

Mark 100000 -0.128005000000030120 51.508129000000000000

John 200000 -2.247926000000006700 53.479251000000000000

Kyle 300000 -2.990115999999943600 53.411540000000000000


Then added Customer as dim and Longitude/Latitude as expressions , but when clicking finish nothing is displayed on the chart.

I even continued to follow all the instructions till the end , and nothing changed (No data to display).

* (Longitude/Latitude are for London/Manchester/liverpool)

* I am using QlikView Version 11.2 SR2 Personal Edition.


Hi Hechmi,

Difficult to tell without looking at your data.

Please download the following demo:


This should help you as it contains a working Google map.

Kind regards,


Contributor II
Contributor II


I've used the Step-by-Step Google Map API v3 integration document to create the following map. My requirement is to fill the CD#s of the map.

Is that possible?




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