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The Funnel Operator: Combine data from two input streams with the same layout


The Funnel Operator: Combine data from two input streams with the same layout

The Funnel Operator

If you need to merge or combine data that has the same data layout (composite type) you can use the Funnel Operator found under the Utility panel in the Operators tab of expressor Studio.

Described in more detail in the documentation, (you can simply select the operator and press F1 to view it) -

The Funnel operator combines data from multiple inputs that have the same Composite Type into a single output stream. The Funnel operator takes input data from whichever input port has data ready to process so that it cannot become blocked or deadlocked waiting for input from a specific port. It does not interleave or concatenate the input data. It simply takes data as it comes through any input port and adds it to the stream.

The Funnel operator is used to combine data from two or more paths in a dataflow into a steam that can be delivered to an operator that accepts data on only one port, such as a Write File or Write Table operator. The Funnel operator differs from the Join operator, which also accepts input on multiple ports, in that it does not perform any join processing; it simply combines the input data in the most efficient way possible.

The order in which data is selected from among the available inputs is non-deterministic and may vary from run to run of a dataflow, even with the same data.


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