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The Trash Operator


The Trash Operator

trash.jpgThe Trash Operator serves as a no operation endpoint. It simply drops all records it receives. I find it useful for debugging and documenting your expressor dataflow. I use this operator when building a large dataflow that will require multiple operations on data. On occasion I will run into an error that requires troubleshooting a certain branch of the dataflow. In a situation where it may be difficult to identify the root cause of a particular error message; I use a Trash Operator to replace the next operator in succession that was perceive-ably causing the error. This eliminates the rest of the operations in the dataflow and allows you to pinpoint what area could be causing a problem. If all records are processed successfully into Trash then you know that the previous operator has run. So you don't lose any of your work, you can always save a configured operator as a Template. That way you can bring it back to the canvas to complete your dataflow after troubleshooting without having to reconfigure a new operator.


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