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To Theme or not to Theme

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To Theme or not to Theme

This document provides a brief introduction into how to setup and update a Theme in your document and walks through a case study showing the benefits of using a Theme.

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thanks for sharing, nice document, Andy. I am still thinking how we can use themes

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IF you take my example to format the text object manually I have to click into each text object and set the background, font type and colour.    Now multiply that by the number of text objects you might have in your document or groups of documents.   If I do this manually the risk is there I might miss one format step or apply the incorrect colour.  Now apply that risk across all the objects, and throw in an environment where the document can have multiple authors, having a theme you can apply to one or more documents ensures consistent application of styles across your document.   This in turn reduces the risk of branding compliance issues being picked up in testing if at all.

Take one of your own documents and pick a sheet that has lots of different objects on it formatted the way you want it then follow the steps in my document on how to make a them using your sheet rather than an individual object.  Once you've created the theme follow the steps to apply the theme to the whole document through document settings.  If you are happen with the results you can look to use it on other documents that need it.

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