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Tool which test QlikView Webtickets

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Tool which test QlikView Webtickets

Hi All,

I did some projects lately which involved a webticket implementation. There is a website which you can use to test if the webticket is working, but i thought a tool would be more convenient. So here it is!

In the attachment you will find both the binary as well as the source code.

The interface:

webticket UI.jpg

User : User from authentication solution

Password : Password from authentication solution

Group : Group from authentication solution

QVW Document : singe QVW document to open with a generated ticket


QVS Host : Address of the QlikView server

User Service Account : Service account used to ask for a webticket (QV Administrator)

Password Service Account : Password of Service account used to ask for a webticket

Ping : Checks if the QlikView server can be reached (Result will be shown in WebTicket dialog textbox)

Get Webticket : Generated a webticket based on the above information (may take a while the first time)

Web Ticket : Shows the actual webticket that is created (string which contains numbers and letters)

AccessPoint URL : Url of the AccessPoint

Document URL : Url of the

Clipboard : Copies the url to the clipboard

Browse : opens the displayed url in the browser

The result should look something like this:

webticket 2.jpg

Feel free to use it, but please do share when you can make a contribution to this tool.

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What is user service account and password service account? Why is it needed?

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The end user is not the one requesting the webticket. The Service account is used to ask for a ticket (QV Administrators).

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hmmm gotta try this

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Hi Amien

I was wondering if you ever tried to make this work on .net 3.5? I tried and kept getting "invalid call" error from the server.

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Great tool, it allowed me to test and understand the different parameters of Web Ticket..

Many thanks

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Hi Chris,

No i never tried it. I guess it would be easy to compile the solution again with 3.5.. did you tried that?

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Thanks for the feedback sfatoux72

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Hi Amien,

Just as an FYI. Trying to use it with 3.5 does not work as the ticketing system on QlikView is on 4.5 and there are some incompatibilities. Long story short, I ended up creating a 4.5 webservice that gets the ticket, this webservice is being used by my 3.5 website and now everything works!

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Good to know Chris. Thanks!

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Hi Amien,

great info. Can you tell me a little bit about the Setup of the QlikView Server to work with this ? In my scenario I simply get an empty access point. I use NTFS Authorization with IIS.



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