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Top 5 analysis using Rank fuction

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Top 5 analysis using Rank fuction

We could use Rank function to find top 5 Record.

suppose we have Product wise sales below and we want to analysis of top 5 product Sales.then using Bar chart we can easily limit the dimension and achieve. but if we want in Pivot or straight table. it is not easy to find even using limit dimension.

Using rank function we could achive it easily

Raw Data:

rank of Sales

and top 5 sales by using

see the ached files for more detail


Yes, As Arjun said. Content is related to RANK but file is not related to RANK. And i request you to create All possible from UI only not the file so that some peoples don't have the license then they might easy to understand.

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Hi Sunil,

You have updated wrong QVW file. Please upload the correct one.

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