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Tracking the historical selections

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Tracking the historical selections

Inspired from this posting: ‌ I thought it might be useful to track the selections. With the additionally use of macros it might be possible to extend this small tool to switch to a certain selection or to save them as bookmark (whereby I don't see much added value in this and therefore it's not implemented here).

The logic itself is quite simple: 3 variables - one for a visibilty condition, one to count the selections and another to track the selections which called himself recursive and added the current selections. This will be triggered by each new selection. For displaying the selections and control them serve 3 textboxes.

I hope this small tool respectively the logic behind then is useful for you.


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I believe it could be useful to switch to a selection without bookmarks.

I sometimes quickly compare selections without making a bookmark because it's too much effort to make one and delete it back when I don't need it anymore.

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very powerful, thanks a lot for your sharing

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Hi Marcus,

This is very useful!

Would it be possible for you to share the code/expressions behind the variables? I am able to find only the variables and their current values based on the selections made. Would be great to see how the variable recursively tracks all selections as I have a requirement this feature directly satisfies.

Many Thanks!


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Never mind Marcus, I found it in Triggers! Thanks again!

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