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Updated Guide to QlikView and Source Control (TFS & Subversion)


Updated Guide to QlikView and Source Control (TFS & Subversion)

We have updated the original guide to QlikView Source Control integration to now cover both TFS and Subversion.  This document walks thru the uses of source control operations from within the development of a QlikView document.


John Trigg

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Contributor II

Hello, is there any update for this document concerning Qlikview 11.2 ?

I would assume that 11.2 does in fact support SVN 1.7 now?

Contributor III


Two points:

1. The document contains "knowledge of TFS" at the page 33 where it's said about use of Subversion by multiple users.

2. As for support of svn 1.7 - personally I decided not to use built-in check-out/-in functionality of QlikView Desktop due to possible issues of the integration. Additionally SVN clients (SmartSVN, TortoiseSVN etc.) provide more functions like merge, compare of arbitrary versions, etc.

As for me, the built-in features are good when you haven't an SVN client, in our organization we widely use SVN so I even do not consider use of built-on functions. (Note: we use SVN client just to check-out/-in changes and not to modify xml files content since it can lead to inconsistency, not always, but does not pleasure when happens).

Nevertheless, does anyone know what are the advantages of built-in version control functions over third-party SVN clients?

An the 3rd point (sorry) - what I'd propose QlikTech to implement an export of internaly defined variables into an xml-file. I mean variables which are not defined in load script but created in the variable dialog (Ctrl+Alt+V). Currently they are not exported outside but stored inside of a qvw file as xml structe. There is a tool - http://community.qlik.com/message/261116#261116 - which parses all QV stuffs and implements source control features, but the cheaper a solution the happier owners.

Thanking you in advance.

Best regards,


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If you have problems running version control and QlikView you can maybe find help in QVScriptor that handle .prj files a smarter way alongside with .qvw and automatically.

have a look here

QVScriptor SmartCompare

Contributor III

Does anybody know if QlikView SVN integration allows connecting to a repository over the svn: protocol or with the file: pseudo-protocol? Or is it http: only?

Contributor III

This guide proved really useful and it's very complete. It has really thorough explanation with examples and screenshots.

Highly recommended.

Honored Contributor

Hi John,

Can you please help us to get list of source control tools where integration possible with QlikView and Qlik Sense?.



New Contributor III

Dear Colleagues:

Can you please provide a short step-by-step guide for setting up the SVN for QV end-to-end?

I did the following:

1. Installed freeware SVN server VisualSVN Server | Subversion Server for Windows

2. Created a repo

3. Installed TortoiseSVN client

4. Pointed QV to the SVN and added all relevant paths in QV menu File > Souce Control

However, when I save my active document to source control, QV only creates an empty -prj folder in the repo. When I try to load a just saved document from SVN, QV loads an empty document.

If the subject of SVN is familiar to you, please help me out.

Thank you,


New Contributor

Are SVN and TFS the only 2 source control tools that Qlik works with?

Looking for a source control tool that works with tools like Cognos..and/or can be used for.Net or Java

Contributor III

If you want to use the commands built directly into QlikView client, then yes.

But the core part of source control in QlikView is the -prj folder, which is updated every time you save the application, the built-in commands are more of a convenience feature. You could put the -prj folder into any source control tool you wish, and make your commits from outside QlikView

New Contributor

Do you know if there is any documentation on the PRJ folder?

any plans for other tools to be supported like TFS and SVN?

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