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User Experience Best Practices for Data Analysis.pdf

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User Experience Best Practices for Data Analysis.pdf

A very good resource for UI design from Qlik Blog


I agree it's a decent read as an introduction to UI design.

What if fails to provide, however, is useful technical best practices for adapting the design principles in Sense development. Everyone can of course insert a filter pane in the F-region, however, real life applications may have far more filters than can be fitted on the visual area of the screen without compromising space reserved for actual visualizations.

The hamburger filter option could be used in such a case but does Sense provide us with such a tool? By contrast with QlikView developers had the possibility of over laying objects that could be orchestrated into hamburger filters with show-hide conditions. I would much appreciate a more practical approach that takes a step towards explaining the best practices for actually implementing the mentioned UI design best practices with the limited tool set available in Qlik Sense.

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