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Using Expressor with a MS SQL connection


Using Expressor with a MS SQL connection

When trying to create a connection to Microsoft SQL Server with QlikView Expressor using the provided 32 bit native drivers, you may receive the following error:

SQLSTATE:[08001], Code:[0], Msg:[expressor][ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver]Connection refused. Verify Host Name and Port Number.

You may be able to connect to the MS SQL Server with other applications however they might be using a different driver / protocols to connect, so therefore it may seem that the MS SQL Server configuration is valid.

In this case, if this is a new installation of MS SQL Server which is a local installation (on the same pc).

Please verify the following:

That it works when creating a ODBC DSN using the 32-BIT version driver "SQL Server Native Client 11.0".

Programs -> expressor -> expressor3 -> system tools -> Data Sources (ODBC) - this ensures that the proper 32 bit ODBC admin tool is being used

If this works - then verify the following on the MS SQL Server side.

The problem may be the protocols that are enabled on the MS SQL Server. After installing MS SQL 2012 - you will need to enable TCP/IP in the SQL Server Configuration Manager in order to get the provided QlikView Expressor drivers to work.

Programs ->MS SQL->Configuration Tools->SQL Server Configuration Manager


By default TCP/IP is not enabled. Also check your TCP/IP Dynamic ports - make sure the property is blank and does not have a 0 as a value. Scroll through the list and do this for all IP addresses to be sure. I encountered a number of machines that have installed named "INSTANCES" of MS SQL Server and they needed to modify these settings.  Please refer to this document for more information onusing Named Instances: http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3247

The configure the QlikView Expressor Database Connection as usual:


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Valued Contributor III


I'm facing the problem to connect to sql server 2008 R2 from expressor. I can able to connect to excel or text files but not for sql server. I don't know wt is the problem? Recently i started learning expressor if possible share tutorial to learn expressor with examples.

Valued Contributor III

Ok i got it after SQL service restart.. But i need any tutorial to learn with examples.

Tnx a lot..


Hello Jagan - we are in the middle of producing newer videos covering a variety of topics. In the mean-time you can watch this short (Expressor only) tutorial that will show you how to configure a Database connection artifact to be used with the Read Table, Write Table and SQL Query Operators.

There are a variety of knowledge articles here: http://community.qlik.com/community/qlikview_expressor

Let me know how you do.

Valued Contributor III

tnx a lot..I can able to connect/ retrive, all data sources and files. Let me know once you update the tutorial.

Not applicable

A question. Is the Microsoft SQL server an OLDB connection or?


Hello Thomas - the MS SQL Server connection with Expressor is its own provided ODBC driver that comes with the product. (under the covers - is built from technology provided by Data Direct) - no need to configure a DSN unless you are using the generic ODBC connection.

Not applicable

So its basically an ODBC driver.

How come there is no OLDB driver like in Qlikview Desktop client? OLDB reads faster from SQL server than an ODBC driver.


Hi Thomas, sorry for the delay - I am not sure if you knew, but Expressor was acquired by Qlik in June of 2012 - so the technology was built differently for the Expressor Desktop product. In regards to performance, I thought the same as well, but DataDirect drivers have proven quite comparable and in some cases even more performant Improve Qlikview ODBC reload performance against DB2 by 2X - hope this helps.


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