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Using multiple charts and objects together


Using multiple charts and objects together


I've used this technique a number of times in different organization I've worked for to show percentage KPIs on the main dashboard page.


Typically an organization will have a small number of KPI's (as you move down departments they in turn have their own but these will roll up the main ones).

For example one of the main KPIs could be Profit / Total Sales as a percentage. A number of departments would contribute to this KPI. The sales force and the finance team (who create all the budgets for spending which hits the profit), maybe even the buying team who need to get the best deals on stock purchased.

Each area would have their own dashboard with the KPIs under their control 'Dial to Detail':

  • Dashboard (showing the KPI's)
  • Trend Sheets (showing the measures that make up the KPIs)
  • Detail (Transactional Level information)

This Technique

Here I’ve used six text boxes, a gauge and line chart. Organized together to create a single object. Well single from the users point of view. By added an additional text box above and making it transparent you can add an action to take the user to the relevant Trend sheet giving them a break down of all the measures that make up the KPI (numerator & denominator)

Display KPI.png

This shows the KPI, Target, trends and point in time changes.

I've taken the colours from Flat Design (there's a lovely post here on flat design - http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2014/02/21/when-the-going-gets-flat-the-flat-gets...),

here is a useful web page I use for colours:

Flat UI Colors

Different colour sets could be used for each KPI as this technique is replicated across the page.

I hope this is helpful.


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