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Waterfall Chart for Bridging data

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Waterfall Chart for Bridging data

Hi community,

This is my first contribution as a document.

First I apologize for my english level, I hope it will be understandable. I searched the community and I think this subject is not covered.

A while back, in my job, i had to show variation between two years ofr differents units. Naturally, i went to use waterfall chart, as the business used to do for it.In a financial vocabulary, we call this "Bridges", because it brings you from a situation to another.

In Excel, it was hard and static, therefor i thank it would be great in QlikView.

First, i thank about offset possibility in bar chart but i rapidly faced a problem. I had to write an expression for each bar in my chart !

But if a new unit is created next year, i would have to you enter the app, and change the graph. It was'nt efficient. Furthermore, it wasn't possible to drill down. I had to find an expression and a vizualisation that require only one expression for multiple dimensions.

Look at the attached file, i hope it can be helpfull for you.

You can find two sheets :

The first one show a classic static waterfall chart.

The second one show a dynamic waterfall chart as you can clic bar to drill down and modify sort order


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New Contributor III

Hi Christhope

Is there a way we can do stacked bar in waterfall bridge chart? like below?


New Contributor III

Old question, I am still looking for an answer... Any ideas?

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