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Whats New in QlikView 11 Server.docx

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Whats New in QlikView 11 Server.docx

What’s New in QlikView 11 Server?

1. Context Sensitive Help -Context sensitive help has been added in QlikView Management Console (QMC).

2. LDAPs-Configurable LDAP DSP for LDAPs (LDAP via SSL) support has been added.

3. Audit Logging by Document-In QlikView 11 Server, this logging can be done per individual document. In addition, logging of every selection can be enabled.

4. Enable/Disable Document Download, Exporting, and Printing per Document and User

5. Supporting Task for .qvd Creation

6. Distribution to Email within a .qvw Document-A .qvw file can be distributed to email recipients defined in a field in the document.

7. Alert Email to Document Administrators-Alert emails can be sent to document administrators.

8. License Tracking-The use of licenses has been added to the QlikView Event Server logs.

9. Distribution and Reload Performance-The performance of reload and distribution has been improved.

10. QlikView Management Console User Interface-The QMC user interface has been improved

11. Reduction with Lock Fields-In QlikView 11 Server, the reduction ignores any locked fields.

12. Improved Logging-Changes to the settings in QlikView Server and QlikView Web Server are stored in the audit log.

13. The logging and error handling have been improved for QlikView Distribution Service.

14. QMC and QMEC are Merged into QMC-QMC has been removed and QlikView Enterprise Management Console (QEMC) has been renamed to QMC.

15. AccessPoint has been given a new look and feel.

16. EDX Enhancements-This functionality is available through the API.

17. Load Balancing Improvements - A new algorithm, “CPU with RAM Overload”, for load balancing when using a QlikView Web Server has been added for improved management of a cluster of web servers. In essence, the web server can now route traffic based on RAM and CPU use.

18. Retries-If a task that contains a loop fails, it restarts from the point of failure, rather than from the beginning of the loop.

19. MSI – Installation of QlikView Server-The usability of the MSI has been improved.

20. QlikView Settings Service-When Microsoft® IIS is used as web server, a new support service, QlikView Settings Service, allows IIS to be managed via the same port (4750) that is used to manage QlikView Web Server.


Isn't this just a copy/paste form the Server Ref Guide? Why post here instead of referencing the current documentation?

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Hi Rob, These are the snippets from Ref Guide and made for easier to know about this topic. Thank you.

QlikView 11 is an old version. The current release is 11.2 SR12

Is the version number correct in your post?

As Rob says the latest release notes and other documentation are always available on the download site.

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Hi Colin Albert

I summarized points of ref guide.

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Seems a bit pointless to me. Out of date and info is available in official Qlik Docs.


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