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Word Cloud without extension

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Word Cloud without extension

Nota publicada en: http://qlikviewapuntes.blogspot.com.ar/2015/02/wordcloud-sin-extensiones.HTML

Si se tiene una encuesta de opinión sobre productos preferidos, y se quiere hacer un Wordclud sin usar extensiones para analizar los resultados, teniendo algo como:


La técnica es usar un gráfico de bloques de la siguiente forma:


Puede descargarse el qvw del grafico en la nota publicada AQUI

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what's the performance like with these sort of extension objects?

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this is not an extension object. haven't had a chance to translate the text but looks like it uses the QV native grid chart with text. and if it indeed it is, then the performance would be the same as a native object for the data model used.

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