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Yet Another QlikView Shared File Viewer [preview] - Version 0.2


Yet Another QlikView Shared File Viewer [preview] - Version 0.2

What is it? What does it do?

This is a tool that I use to quick check shared file content and do some usual maintenance job on it. After playing with colleagues for a while, I think it'd be nice to share with the community and get some feedback about if/how I should proceed with this personal project.

This tool is a very simple one, it just can open both legacy ".Shared" and new ".TShared" formats of QlikView Shared File, show helpful info in it, and provide some very basic operations on shared objects (currently I have only add support for Bookmark because it's the most commonly used one day-today)

Why another Shared File Viewer?

There has been a Shared File Viewer already for quite a while (in PowerTools package)

The limitation of the existing one is it can't open the new "TShared" format that was introduced lately into QlikView. So if one wants to view new format, they have to convert "Tshared" to "Shared" first and convert it back afterwards, which is really annoying especially the shared file is *big*.

Another limitation for the current one is it provides small subset info of Shared file content and doesn't embed much shared file functions (cleaning, filtering) in it because its development toolchain is out of dated.

Lastly, I found it's not easy to run a Shared File Cleaner without GUI and want something more intuitive.

In short the legacy shared file viewer is inconvenient to use(to me at least 😅 ), especially when it comes to new "TShared" format.

So i think why not just write another tool myself to meet my need - here it comes.

Release Note
Current Stable Release: 0.2

You can find it in the attachment, where the zip file simply contains an exe file that you can run on Windows.


  • Shared objects meta info overview
  • Shared Bookmark
    • basic info overview
    • sort by Id, Name, LastModified, LastRecalled and Size
    • Export
    • Delete
  • Convert "TShared" to "Shared" and backward.

Hopefully you have time to download and play with it, and, most importantly, give me some feedback about how you think of it, and what other functions you want to include in it in future.


this tool is currently under preview only. and please be CAUTIOUS if you use it with production Shared files. I know the shared content is critically important, so make sure you have backup before touching any Shared Files.

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Hey Jim, I think I may need some instructions to be sure I am using things correctly! 🙂  One odd thing is the command dialog window that opens up with the executable in the backgroun, would be good if that could be hidden I think to avoid confusion.  I figured out I had to use Browse button to browse to a file and then select and then click Open, but oddly, after creating an object in one of the sample apps, and then loading it, the bookmark does not show up, not sure why.  I can see the file size did change etc., but tool not showing any details or the bookmark itself.  

Neither the File or Help menus seem to do anything either! 🙂  Shout out directly if you have questions or want me to send you anything for review.


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