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encode URI


encode URI

If you have to deal with web sources like URL with parameters (e.g.Twitter Search) you always have to convert UTF characters to be URI conform.

Some build a mapping tables but I think the right way is using Jscript encodeURI function because there are endless of UTF chars...

This is a simple example for a Jscript macro code in QV:

function encode (uri){

          return encodeURI(uri);


This is an example how to use it in the Load Script:

LOAD ....

FROM [encode('http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?lang=en&q=$(q)'] (XmlSimple, utf8, Table is [feed/entry]);

- Ralf

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Hi Ralf

Thanks for your post. Though I don't seem to be able to use this.

I have copied the function into the Load-Script, but then get an error. Where or how do I tell QV to use this JScript function?

Can I only use this in the Load-Script, or also in Expressions?


Hi Matthias,

this is JScript macro code. You have to copy it into module editor, not script.

- Ralf

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Is this supposed to still work with QV12?

I don't manage to get that running. I just can't call any module function...


I did a test with QV12 and you can call module functions in LOAD script but not in the FROM part.

However, the old Twitter search API doesn't exists anymore.

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Do you mean something like below shoud do the trick?

  1. Load  
  2.   URI,
  3. encode(URI) as URI_encoded
  4. From
  5. ...

Yes, this should work..

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